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Success stories - before/after
We have taken in and rehomed more than 7000 cats over the years - most need a little TLC, neutering, de-fleaing, worming, vaccinating and microchipping before they are ready to be rehomed. Some need much more than that and need to be nursed back to health, our aim is always to find a loving home for each and every cat or kitten that passes through our doors.

They are all special to us but here are a few that stand out and they all have something in common, they were nursed back to full health.


This poor mum cat and her 4 babies were dumped on the canalside in a box in May 2012, the finder had noticed the box two days previously and thought nothing of it. A few nights later she was walking by the canal again and noticed box still there, imagine her horror when she decided to peep in, she grabbed the box and ran home before calling Paws Inn.

Olivia was almost "out of it" and had no interest in her starving babies, she was obviously suffering from malnutrion and shortage of calcium. The four babies were also starved, we think they were about 3 weeks old - another day and Olivia would have almost certainly died meaning her babies would have had no chance either. Luckily for them all they found their way to Paws Inn where she raised her babies who all went to lovely new homes. Olivia had to wait for her new home a
nd she was finally picked in January 2013. Here's her before and after pic, doesn't it warm your heart to see the change in her? She looks so healthy now and has a wonderful life ahead of her in her new home.


He looked like a chocolate box kitten but beneath all that fur he was a bag of bones with a wormy belly, he weighed just 500grams when he first found his way to Paws Inn at around six weeks old in July 2012. He was found under a car bonnet after being thrown over a wall, it took a kindly man two days to catch him, the man thinks he may have heard another kitten crying so we were anxiously waiting for news however thankfully Pimlico was the only one who had to endure such a horrid start to life. Here he is having put on a bit of weight and enjoying a grooming session. Pimlico now has a loving home of his own.

Winston -  believed to have been tossed from a moving car with his sibling before being left to fend for himself for weeks, sadly his sibling didn't make it but Paws Inn were alerted to Winston's plight and he was trapped and rescued. Winston is a lucky boy and has been rehomed to a wonderful loving home.

Alice and her six babies dumped in a box. Mum and babies have all found loving homes.

The eight kittens affectionately named 'The Holy Terrors', Mum was too poorly to look after them so they had to be hand reared. One of them, Wilbur seen below, was thought to have a broken neck initially but it turned out to be caused by malnutrition - look at him now!

Wilbur before

Wilbur after

Bunty & Biggles This gorgeous pair were dumped in the woods to fend for themselves. Now living the life of luxury in a wonderful home.

Jr Garcia before - dumped under a bench with his sibling who sadly didn't make it.

Jr Garcia after Now known as Akamaru. he was rehomed to a lovely couple who already had two ex-Paws Inn cats.

Junior Officer Ripley before - this poor little boy had a chunk missing from his face

Junior Officer Ripley - after Now living the dream life in the country with a lovely couple.

Hercules before

Hercules after - now in a safe and loving home.

Diablo before

Diablo after - now in a wonderful loving home.

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