Paws Inn residents


  • Paws Inn residents
  • Status:Permanent Residents

About Paws Inn residents

Sadly some cats through age, infirmity or behaviour never find a home - these cats still have good quality of life and remain with us as permanent residents.


Following the death of his brother Chat earlier this year (2015), mature feral boy Cat is now all alone in the world as he doesn’t like other felines.  He doesn’t like humans either and refuses to let anybody touch him but he does like to play at arms length.  

Olly - black/white our new President, he has sacral illiac pins following an RTA and suffers nerve damage so remains here on vets advice.

Tula - tabby former feral but learnt to trust us came here in 2000, shes lovable now.

Anastasia - grey/white had been living rough on the streets for many months. She came to Paws Inn with very cancerous ears which both had to be amputated. She was rehomed but was returned years later and is now a permanent resident.

Milly - A senior girl, black/white feral though we can fuss her when she wants.

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