Cats Homed - Cats Successfully Rehomed
We have rescued and rehomed over 7000 cats over the years, we can't fit them all on here but will update with the latest cats to find homes since our new website went live in mid-2012.

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Beryl the Peril

1st March, 2015

Mischievous and playful kitten

Desperate Dan and Dimples

1st March, 2015

Adorable black kittens

Olive & Bernice

1st March, 2015

Affectionate black kittens

The Popeye kittens

1st March, 2015

Beautiful kittens looking for a home

The Beano kittens

1st November, 2014

The Beano kittens - five adorable black&white or all black kittens

Bootsie & Smudge

1st March, 2015

18 month old brothers looking for a home to call their own


1st May, 2014

Gorgeous little boy looking for a home with Pepper

Poppy & Pablo

14th January, 2015

Brother and sister looking for a home together

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